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A perfect device that will once and for all get rid of cellulite is "Sculptural" massager. It is designed to operate like a therapeutic massage that removes cellulite and solves the problems of fluid retention. If you do not have cellulite you can use it preventively for muscle relaxation and massage.
"Sculptural" massager is designed in a way that its work imitates professional massage in the warmth of your home that up until now you were able to experience only in massage parlors.
Muscle relaxation, cellulite and accumulation of fluid in the body will disappear after a few days of using the "Sculptural" massager.

Why is this massager so effective? His "secret" lies in a very powerful engine that produces up to 3000 rpm with its vibrating and rotating motions. This way "Sculptural" massager accelerates blood circulation, provides a subcutaneous massage, stimulates and improves lymphatic drainage and blood circulation and thereby affect the elasticity of the skin.

New generation massager provides you with a deep massage that removes cellulite, helps with loosing weight and relaxation and improves skin tone. It is very effective at tightening loose skin which makes of a large number of people who have become our clients very satisified.

"Sculptural" provides you with an enhanced massage with the effects of infrared rays, which heat and drain fatty tissue and remove cellulite.
It's like you're in the hands of professional masseurs as very realistic movements press and knead the skin. It is designed so that you can use it in your home for different parts of the body. Our recommendation is to use it no more than 15 minutes each day.

"Sculptural" massager has 4 attachments that you can use. It can be used with special creams that tighten skin and eliminate cellulite.
It is designed to run on electricity and operates on 220V.
It comes with a 2 years warranty.
Get rid of cellulite quickly and easily with "Sculptural" massager.
Professional system for dermo-lipo body sculpting
Latest generation massager
Anti-cellulite massage, deep massage, weight loss, relaxation, Infrared waves for an enhanced massage effect
Motor with the highest torque - 3000 rpm, 4 specialized massage attachments
Effectively removes cellulite and loose skin
It moves fatty tissue by heating and draining
It can be used with special creams (anti-cellulite creams)
Power 25 W, voltage: 220 V
Warranty: 2 years
The device uses electricity

4 attachments

We recommend to use it up to 15 minutes a day.
"Sculptural" massager has 4 attachments that you can use. It can be used with special creams for skin tightening skin and anti cellulite creams.
The device uses electricity


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