Camille Snail Gel (250ml)


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The natural extract of slug mucus-based gel, manufactured in Belgium, Europe's number 1.

1. Eliminates small wrinkles around the eyes
2. Removes acne and scars
3. Reduces scars
4. Reduces wrinkles
5. Reduces hyperpigmentation
6. Removes stretch marks

Camille Snail Gel is one of the best-selling product in Europe due to the strong regenerating formula with snail extract. It's main ingrediant is extract of snail gel, enriched with Aloe Vera and it can be used for the whole body (face, chest, arms, legs ...) by both women and men. This effective formula was developed to visibly improve the appearance of skin with scars, acne, spots and stretch marks. It works great on mature skin because it reduces wrinkles, tightens pores and prevents the appearance of new ones, it also gives the skin a newer, healthier and tighter look.

The story of Camille Snail Gel

Many years ago, the ancient Greeks and Romans used the snails for wound healing and for treating infection. Not so long ago, doctors specialized in wound treatmant, have advised their patients to take the snails from the wild and let them crawl on their wounds (it is still advised to do that after some plastic surgeries for example). Mucus (gel) that slugs leave behind is remarkable for trating the wounds and scars. The same extract is used by snails to fix their damaged homes, and the doctors came to a conclusion that this ingredient works the same for regeneration of human skin. The complex combination of active ingredients in snail slime contains allantoin, elastin, collagen, vitamins, minerals and natural glycolic acid which works as an exofoliant on old, damaged cells and regenerates them in a natural way. Today, this gel is widely used in the prevention of skin diseases, so it's not only used in Europe, it's used throughout the world, breaking all records for the sale of cosmetic products of this type.

How does Camille snails Gel work?

1. The nubmer of fine wrinkles around the eyes will be reduced with the help of snail Camille gel. They will become shallower and therefore less visible. Prevents the formation of new wrinkles.
2. Scars and acne will look much better after using Camille Snail Gel twice a day. Your skin will be smooth and healthy.
3. Camille snail Gel will help you reduce your scars. The scars will be less visible, and the skin will be smooth. Your skin will be much healthier and scars and roughness will be visibly reduced.
4. Wrinkles will be reduced after using Camille Snail Gel. They will become shallower and less visible. In addition to reducing the existing ones, it will also prevent the formation of new wrinkles.
5. Hyperpigmentation will be less visible after using Camille Snail Gel. Pigmentation will be reduced and your skin will look much healthier.
6. Camille Snail Gel can be used on all parts of the body. For example, parts whith stretch marks. Stretch marks will become less noticeable, and your skin will be smooth.

Additional product information:
Product: Camille Snail Gel / Gel based on snail mucus
Quantity: 250ml
Shelf life: indicated on the package.

It contains alantoin, elastin, collagen, vitamins, minerals and natural glycolic acid.

Camille Snail Gel has no side effects, the skin reacts to it very well and it is intended for the entire body. After you clean your face or skin, it is recommended to use it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. By regularly using Camille Snails Gel you will quickly see and feel the results on your damaged and irritated skin. Due to it's extreme effectiveness, Camille Snail Gel is able to regenerate cells. Using Camille Snail Gel can solve every problem you might have with your skin.


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